Its been a bit of a Punny Fall

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I have not been posting much because its been a bit of Murphys Law around here. If you are not familiar with this concept the definition of Murphys Law is "anything that can go wrong, will go wrong". I guess when it rains it pours. Not trying to rain on your parade or be a


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This family has suffered one of life's greatest tragedies and literally only weeks before the world shut down.  On February 6, 2020 their 20 month old daughter passed away. In December of 2018 their beautiful daughter,Elena, was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. She was just 7 months old.  There are no words that can possibly explain the


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A few things will always be absolute. I will stop dead in my tracks when Black by Pearl Jam comes on, the first real fall night will always make me happy and invoke feelings of nostalgia and baby’s in ruffles will always give me all the heart eyes These guys were so fun and easy


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Sneak peek of a gorgeous Exton Wedding at Cross Gables Mansion.  I was hired as an alternate photographer and lucky enough to work with @rainc_photography and @elainezebley again! It was good vibes, warm light, fantastic food, superb playlist and phenominally delightful couple who was so full of laughter and excitement. I loved so many things about this wedding. The

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