This sweet family came as a referral from a friendtograher! This is a friend who is also another photographer! (In case you haven’t heard this term… that I thought I made up but upon a quick google search, its a thing )

I digress, I know that I have to give them back.. but they are lovely.

Their love for each-other is palpable and their smiles authentic; a family knit together in love, unity and culture.

When starting to write this post (admittedly, days ago) I kept going back to the parallel of Mother/ Father and Sons. Specifically a Mother/ Father and two sons! A Grandmother/Grandfather with two sons and two grandsons! In case you were curious there are also brothers…two sets of brothers. One big and one little!

It’s fun magic and I am completely intrigued by all things intriguing. Like today I was driving with my husband and I looked at the time it was 12:22 and the license plate in front of us had 1222. So fun! My day is made up of dozens of these little serendipitous occurrences and I guess you could say this makes me tic.