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YOU can do hard things

I remember when I received the request from these guys and I was so intrigued. The request read "Photograph my Doctoral Cohort". At that time I didn't know what a cohort was so I looked it up! I saw it was a group banded together by a program and they finish the program together. This unique group of people worked tirelessly, likely around the clock most days. Juggling family obligations, full time jobs and school. Intense, rigorous school. Close to 3 years they worked incredibly hard to get to this very moment. When I was contacted about this, I had visions of capturing the intensity of this momentous occasion. To convey the very feeling being felt in that moment so they would never forget how incredible this accomplishment truly is. As you know, Im a feeler. Many times throughout this session/ceremony I had goose-bumps. I'm just happy to be part of something magnificent and this type of magnificence will indeed change the world. It's like I tell my 6 year old daughter all the time... "YOU can do hard things."

"There is no greater gift you can give or receive than to honor your calling. Its why you were born and how you become most truly alive."

~Oprah Winfrey, "77 Quotes to Help You Find Your Life Purpose (GUIDE)",, Jeremiah Say, March 9, 2022

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