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Sadie is ONE

Ive been taking this families pics for years now. I think since there oldest daughter was 2 and middle was 6 months! And Mom reached out to plan Sadies first birthday session and I'm like wait isn't she like 2 months old? Time flies when you're exhausted, confused and emotionally drained over a Pandemic. Haha I digress, Sadie is one of the many ONEderful things to come out of 2020! She's SERIOUSly cute, funny and so serious. I tried to make her laugh, I really did but she wasn't having it. Mom and Dad said nope, this is how she is! I LOVE IT! We should have to work for her smiles! I loved this session so much with the mint, gold, cream. I double LOVE ambient light coming in from a window. Below are pics from her newborn and fall sessions.

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