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My Child

"As you transform before my eyes my little one, it is not lost on me that these days are fleeting and precious. The days you will climb up to curl onto me, purring like a cat. Half baby half child. These days are hard and heartbreaking and magnificent all at once. May I always have the mindfulness to be present for all of these moments. My greatest fear is missing out on something or forgetting."

An original poem from Sadie Brown First time EVER shooting Valley Forge and let me tell ya, it had my calves barking!! But although I huff and puff I just can't stop running from this place or that, my creative side screaming "I'm not worthy", I am all yours, just let me stay. Ok, Valley Forge, I get it now. I get the hype and the endless chatter about your immense beauty with your sprawling fields, wild flowers and the buildings, I MEAN THE BUILDINGS... that all just make you wanna stay there forever and ever as long as you don't have to walk back to the parking lot! haha. Just kidding, sorta. I know a big bulk of my 12000 steps that day was from Valley Forge and I was bone tired BUT it was worth it. I get why you have to have a permit to shoot there. It is a spot of history worthy of preservation and respect. Not only did I get to experience the park but to see my childhood friend and her amazing family. To see her as a mother to her two little cherubs is just amazing. Almost 30 years ago this gal and I cheered, played field hockey and shared everything between sleepovers, snow days and late night phone calls on phones with cords. Meeting in new roles of mothers, wives and professional women in our 40's, it felt... well, like it was 1996. We laughed and joked and talked like there wasn't 10/20 years in-between. And meeting this important person in such an awe inspiring place of nostalgia really did a world of good for my heart and soul.

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