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These guys came to me as a referral from a family Ive been working with for a long time. They mentioned how they had their twin baby boys in the midst of Covid and wanted to document the family of 4 they grew into! The babies turned One and were ONEderfully delightful! I mean can you handle them?

As a parent of 2 crazies I know how incredibly hard it is to have a baby. Those first few months (the dark days) trying to figure out this new tiny person who is OH SO demanding of all your time and all your energy. I relied heavily on friends and family to navigate through those times. Mothers morning out literally kept me afloat. The Corona Virus stripped many people of their support people. Stay at home moms (like myself) who relied heavily on in home playdates and Bounce U to keep them sane until nap time.

Kudos to these guys for doing parenthood during Covid and with twins! Kudos to all the parents out their rocking it every single day! It is so hard but so rewarding.

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