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Spring is in the snowy air

As Im writing this I am looking out my office window at at-least 8" of snow on the ground and no end in sight for snow falling. Alas, these are the start of my Spring mini sessions from over the weekend! Ahhhh how I love this family and their humor, spirit, sass and outfits!! ALWAYS in amazing matching holiday outfits. Even though it was on the cooler side for this session their beautiful Spring attire mixed with my lenses lovely Bokeh pulled it off. The kids ran around to stay warm and I loved seeing them smile. Check out a couple of last years Easter pics at the bottom. The kids aren't the only ones who have grown. I feel I am growing everyday in my craft and couldn't be happier to see positive changes in my work <3

#kidsphotographer #princegeorge #bokeh #springminis #chesterco

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