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Most beautiful darling

“I love you much (most beautiful darling)

more than anyone on the earth and ilike you better than everything in the sky—sunlight and singing welcome your comingalthough winter may be everywherewith such a silence and such a darknessnoone can quite begin to guess"

Taken from a Poem I Love you Much (most beautiful darling) by E. E Cummings

This baby girl is so very sweet and her parents are smitten. I enjoyed getting to spend time with them. I am always so honored that people pick me to document this precious time in their lives. As a mother of a ferrel 2 year old I know parenthood is tough. But I would take the toughest most brutal moments over again times a thousand just to make my child smile. Its like that...right? Hard but so amazing. Newborns are tough but so so lovely. Welcome to the world beautiful girl.


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