When I was contacted to do a 60th Birthday surprise at Wyebrook Farms I jumped on the opportunity. The family party was so fun and exciting as it was a SURPRISE! We were in the herb garden which boasts a variety of smells and seems to transport you to a countryside of Italy!

Then I was asked to walk around and take some pics of the farm and more. I loved the market and butcher shop. The Butcher probably wondered what I was doing as I stood and watched him for quite a bit. Then I made my way around the market and was in awe of the farmhouse decor, colors and light! I was beckoned back outside by a banjo and singing and looked down to see 3 young ladies whose band is called LadyBird. I went down to watch them perform and found as a country music lover already, I also love folk music as well! It was my first time being there and it certainly will not be my last!