Editing these was a little emotional for me. Lisa was one of my first Mommy friends when I first had Frankie…. ahhhh the dark days. Big sister Avery was just 8 weeks new and in the next two years I often joked with Lisa when we see them at birthday parties or playdates “what! How did Avery get so big, she is always 8 weeks in my mind”. I always thought of Avery so young but Frankie is only 3 weeks older than Avery! HAHA

However, its so true, the saying you hear from all veteran Moms and grandmas “It goes SO fast”. The second part of that “enjoy every second” well that I do not agree with. Those who know me know that phrase really “grinds my gears”. Its a helluva lot of pressure for new moms to think they must enjoy every second because it is damn hard being parents but that is for another day and another blog post! This post is about Justin and his girls! They welcomed the Beautiful Allaray in December and I think they look fantastic as a family of 5! Ha I added Bear into that because well she is part of this family. Thank you for trusting me with your memories and welcome to the world sweet Allaray! <3