And I said I wanna be your forever So baby will you be my wife Now that we know a little better We could have a real nice life ‘Cause I’m what you wanted and your what I need So let’s meet in between We’re gonna be the greatest love story this town has ever seen We’re gonna be the greatest love story this world has ever seen So baby say yes to me” -Lyrics by LANco “Greatest Love Story”

I couldn’t have been happier to work with this sweet couple on their wedding day! They are so in love and excited to be married and parents, the feeling is electric. Surrounded by an enormous amount of love and support from friends and family, they entered the forever bond of husband and wife. Pictures started at Family houses then went to Wolfs Park in Atglen. Where my rockstar Second photographer, Stacey Sherman of SKRS Photography and I witnessed an amazing and emotional “First Look”. Stacey put it perfect when she said that the slightly overcast day was perfect as it was “Natures SoftBox”. Sorry Stacey, I will be using this phrase from now on! It gave us such bright even light, we didn’t have to look for shade and could really enjoy the wide open. And the Bikes were so cool. With the chrome and leather it made for a very striking aesthetic and I was beyond thrilled to go through Stacey’s shots and see all the wonderful photographs she got of these beautiful bikes. A super sweet ceremony where they exchanged personally written vowels and then onto Victory Brewing, Parkersburg for a really fun reception. I heard Bride Laura say “it was her perfect day”. Wishing you guys all the love and happiness this world bestows! Cant wait for baby Waylon’s arrival in August <3 He’s a lucky little guy to have such loving sweet family to come in to. Congrats guys!!!